Stoops by Babe Studio

Friends Gabrielle Hall and Mercedes Workman formed Babe Studio earlier this year, and their documentary style is already gaining them clients who want a less studied look for jobs such as wedding photos.  As well as this commercial work, they are also working on some local documentary projects.  We are pleased to be exhibiting the first of these, ‘Stoops’. which is kindly supported by this years Margate Festival ‘Now’. The private view will be from 7pm on Thursday 27th September and the exhibition will be open throughout Autumn 2018.

They say about the work, ‘We are exploring how people use their stoopspeople we do and don’t know. Door stoops are a place of being a neighbour, a member of the community, to sit and be, to observe, to stare, to be nosy, to smoke, to drink, and everything in between. 

Were being the ultimate nosy neighbour and looking at how the communities in Thanet use these spaces.’

For more information on this year’s Margate Festival ‘Now’, visit their website here. To see more of Gabrielle and Mercedes work, follow Babe Studio on Instagram @babestudiomargate