Lily Mixe Fragile Utopia

Lily Mixe’s Fragile Utopia

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”.
Albert Einstein

Lily Mixe invites you to enter her modern cabinet of curiosity. Fragile Utopia provides a looking glass into the overlooked, strange and beautiful elements of the natural world. Inspired by the precarious relationship humans have with the creatures, materials and forces that share this precious ecosystem. The artworks include drawings and paintings, sculpture, a new print release and a site specific installation in the basement gallery space at Hantverk and Found.

Drawing inspiration from artists, science and explorers from the past, Lily creates a space to worship nature and question the balance and symbiosis of our global habitat. Lily’s vision shifts between knowledge and fantasy as an attempt to tackle some of the environmental challenges affecting our world today.

Fragile Utopia is a celebration of the natural world and our place within it.

Lily is a french visual artist based in Margate. At the centre of the work is Nature and in particular the Ocean. The art of Lily Mixe gives a voice to this suffocating nature in our modern society. The works shift around an array of found objects and surfaces, drawn, painted and collaged onto the surface of walls in the street.

Check out Lily’s work here.