Sample Kaiseki Menu

This is just an example of the type of menu available. However, individual dishes change regularly depending on the seasons and what’s currently good, so be sure to check our Instagram feed for the latest menu.

Kaiseki Menu

(Saturday dinner only)

Sakezuke – Agedashi tofu served with warm sake

Tame-wan – Miso soup, pickled vegetables, seasonal gohan rice

Hassun – Tempura of seasonal seafood & vegetables, cold soba, tsuyu, seasonal nigiri

Su-zakana – Wafu salad with seaweed

Mukozuke – Seasonal sashimi plate

Futamono – Seafood gyozas in black vinegar broth

Yakimono – marinated grilled squid

Mizumono – homemade ice cream, fruit, green tea

The menu can be adapted for vegetarians and vegans – please advise us at the time of booking so we can make sure the menu is as varied as possible.

Bento lunch is a smaller selection of the day’s kaiseki dishes.

We have a full wine and sake list.

We serve sushi a la carte to eat in on Friday evenings.


Hantverk & Found is now doing sushi & more to takeaway for collection on Fridays and Saturdays. As we are currently in a national lockdown we are still unable to take bookings to eat in the restaurant but will review this as soon the situation changes. Check our Instagram and sign up to our newsletter for updates.