This is just an example of the range of drinks available. Our drinks list changes regularly depending on what’s good, so please don’t be disappointed if something listed below is no longer available, we will have replaced it with something equally interesting.



Ume No Yado Gin – 250ml Carafe £16, 720ml bottle £44
66% polished rice. Pear-like aroma, fragrant. Junmai daiginjo

Bijofu Rei – 300ml bottle £15
Ginjo sake from 55% polished rice, clean & pure.

Bunraku Pure Gohyaku Magoku – 250ml Carafe £16, 720ml Bottle £44
55% polished rice. Clean, light, with floral aromas. Junmai ginjo

Dakushu Bodaimoto Muroka Nama – 250ml carafe £15
Medieval unstrained sake. Made to a 600 year-old tradition. Contains soft rice.

Mutemuka Nama Genshu Shizenshu – 250ml Carafe £16.50, 720ml bottle £49
Medium-bodied, dry, unpasteurised. Unique chocolate aroma and earthy aftertaste.

Suppai Umeshu – 70ml £7
Sour plum sake from Wakayama, aged for 3 years.

DaiDai’cello – 150ml bottle £12.50
Made for us by Felix Cohen of Manhattans Project, this is a Japanese take on Limoncello – great over rocks or with soda (serves 2)

Japanese craft gin & tonic – £7.50

Japanese whisky ‘Tokinoka’ White Label – £7.50



Pegase Blanc, Domaine de L’Epinay, Loire, France 2019, 500ml carafe £15, glass £6.50
Straight-up and straightforward easy drinking Sauvignon Blanc. Grassy & refreshing.

Bergecrac Blanc Sec, C. Barouillet, France 2019, Bottle £28, glass £7.50

Riesling ‘Stein & Fels’, Brand Brothers, Pfalz, Germany, 2019, £29.50
Dry, textured and creamy, with notes of zesty citrus and kiwifruit and a hint of flintiness.

‘Bergecrac Blanc’, C.Barouillet, France, 2019, £28 bottle, £8 glass
A sulphur free blend of S.Blanc, S.Gris, Chenin & Semillon that is at once, fresh full and aromatic, with a touch of an oxidative note. Fun and only a tiny bit wild!

‘Gall Blanc’, Ramon Jane, Spain, 2019, £35
100% sulphur free Macabe. A Mediterranean wine that has ripe aromatics of citrus and orchard fruit, with a lovely fresh and light salty finish.

‘Umami’, Le Quai a Raisins, Languedoc, France, 2019, £44
Delicate aromas of citrus, herbs and perfume with surprising freshness from a sulphur free blend of Muscat & Grenache Blanc.

‘Lluerna’ Els Vinyerons Vins Naturels, Spain, 2018, £28 bottle
A structured, fresh Xarel-lo that offers serious wine for the money.


‘Tralari’ Le Clos des Jarres, Languedoc, France, 2019, 500ml carafe £15, glass £6.50
Soft, silky and delicious with balanced acid and ripe berry fruit. Easy drinking summer rosé farmed biodynamically

‘Une Rosé de Blancs’, Bodega la Senda, Spain 2019, £36
A rose from white grapes, matured in an old Mencia barrel. Lush & aromatic with peppery hedgerow notes. We love this wine!


‘Vej Bianco Antico’, Pradarolo, Emilia Romagno, Italy, 2019, £39
Orange wine from 100% Malvasia with citrus, tree fruit and floral aromas and light tannins.


Bois Moisset Rouge, Duras, Gaillac, France, 2019, 500ml carafe £15, glass £6.50
Easy drinking red with red fruits and cassis. Rustic yet fresh.

‘Saltamarti’, Els Vinyerons Vins Naturels, Spain, 2019, Bottle £28, glass £8
Barrel ages blend of tempranillo & grenache offering fresh fruit with toasty notes. Naturally made, but straight up drinking.

Menard le Rouge, Les Sablonettes, Anjou, Loire, France, 2019, £30
Biodynamic field blend with a little chenin blanc for zippiness that will stand up surprisingly well to sushi & sashimi. Juicy, with silky tannins & medium body.

‘BABAR is the colour’, Petit Oratoire, S. Rhone, France, 2020, £33
Juice bomb with 50% viogner, but zero % flabbiness. Red fruits & parma violets – ask for an ice bucket and we won’t be offended!

Fizz & Pet Nat

Cava ‘Pregadeu’, Els Vinyerons Vins Naturels, Spain, 2017, £36 bottle, £8 125ml glass
100% Xarel-lo with flavours of baked apples and pears, with a citrus finish, gentle fizz and integrated yeast flavours.

‘Naturlich’ Pet Nat, Landron Chartier, Loire, France, 2020, £38 (n)
Naturally made Folle Blanche and Pinot Noir with a pale blush colour in the glass. 6 months on the lees moussey bubbles and a saline twang.



High Diver cider – £3.50

Whitstable Bay blonde lager – £3.50

Northdown Brewery Rag & Bone IPA – £5



Coke/Coke Zero – £2.50

San Pellegrino orange/lemon – £2.50

Chegworth apple juices – £2.50

Rhubarb fizz – £2.50

All of our wines are served as 175ml glasses, 125ml available on request. Spirits as 35ml.